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Hey guys! I know there have been quite a few end of hxh related projects going around, but I had this idea and have to share it with you guys.
So the basic idea of this blog is manga panel redraws! With the anime over we don’t get to see our favorite character in color…

AHHHH I have so many feels right now!

Gon and Killua are going to kill me!

I need to draw sad shit but I’m too tired to draw anything right now!!


I had to draw punk Gon too.
Killua dresses him.

I had to draw punk Gon too.

Killua dresses him.


Sunday Day 7: Reunion x Sky
Last day! T^T



Sunday Day 7: Reunion x Sky

Last day! T^T


you know whatd be a fun exercise

get a writer and an artist together. artist does a sketch, writer writes a handful of paragraphs. they give them to each other.

writer has to write a handful of paragraphs on the scene depicted in the sketch, and it cant be just like, describing it. artist has to draw a new sketch from the writing.

it’d be a neat lil’ flex-the-muscles sort of thing. 

So, when I was drawing chibi Killua in that last comic, I started drawing his hair and when I got done with part of it I was like “omg it looks like he had a cool punk rock style going on. So I rolled with it, then punk!Killua happened~
Alright, I’m going to bed now

So, when I was drawing chibi Killua in that last comic, I started drawing his hair and when I got done with part of it I was like “omg it looks like he had a cool punk rock style going on. So I rolled with it, then punk!Killua happened~

Alright, I’m going to bed now

Thursday Day 4: AU x Secret

I finally finished this! My comic entry for the AU x secret theme. This totally isn’t a day late, what are you talking about?

But Danny, have you ever thought about blind Killua only knowing Gon by his voice, like all his different laughs and all the little inflections, then one day they're just talking and Gon laughs and Killua suddenly has this strong urge to know what he looks like, so he reaches out, but then thinks better of himself and hesitates asking "Can I..?" and Gon just takes his hands and guides them to his face and Killua can feel how he's grinning? 'Cause I think about this a lot.


Thank you so much for gearing this into something happy!!!!

Gon and Killua being together since they were young (around the same age, 12) and Killua having to get used to Gon’s voice when he goes through puberty. He’d always had this odd abstract image of Gon imagining him little and like a bundle of energy but as they grew older he could feel Gon’s presence growing strong and big and it would feel like it was surrounding him unlike before where he’d be buzzing in front of him. Killua starts feeling small around him but it’s not uncomfortable, rather, he feels safe. And unlike before he starts showing his vulnerability more. 

[[ugh i suck at being poetic and descriptive but i’ll try]]


Gon’s laugh boomed and echoed in the air. His voice was deep yet bright and carefree like it’d always been. Killua’s voice is delicate and refined compared to his but he’d long since forgotten about any insecurity he’d once had. 

The question of how he looked to the world was one that used to plague his mind and kept him up at night staring into the infinite darkness he’d always known. Gon had reassured him and erased all these worries day after day and even when Killua thought he was over them, Gon would always say something relieving Killua of hidden doubts. 

"What do I look like?" 

He’d asked Gon one day. There was little he could derive from how soft and warm his skin felt, the feathery bush of hair he had, and the difference in height between him and the refrigerator. 

"You look…"

"Describe me." 

Gon had laughed, a blush unknown to Killua powdering his tanned cheeks after being cut off from saying “beautiful”. 

"You’re pale. You’re skin is milky white and your hair is soft and feathery. It’s usually a mess in the mornings looking like a birds nest." Another warm laugh. "You’re eyes are a brilliant blue that changes shades like water. Thy are clear and deep. You have long light eyelashes and plush pink lips…"

Killua had made an annoyed face.

"I sound so delicate. Like a doll."

"Haha, you’re face is pretty, well all of you is, but you’re body is strong. You can feel that.You’re lean and small in figure but I can see your muscles through your shirt and the pay off of all that swimming you do. You’re handsome is what I mean. Strong and beautiful."

Gon’s voice had changed while they talked. He spoke so fondly of him and the ghosting feel of his fingers as he touched every place he’d described had excited and embarrassed Killua so much he’d forgotten to ask the most curious mystery to him. 

Guided by the sound of Gon’s voice Killua reached out but stopped short when the laughter died out.

"Can I?" 

Warm hands covered his and soon he felt the rough warmth of Gon’s growing stubble and the the wrinkles of his grin. Gon said nothing, simply letting go and let Killua explore him. Killua moved his fingers hesitantly, slowly, taking in every little detail and trying to form a picture in his mind.

He felt Gon’s eyelashes brush against his finger tips and bushiness of his eyebrows, the coarse thick hair. He felt the curve of his ear and neck, the sharpness of his jaw, the softness of his lips. Killua frowned trying to organize and apply all this information with images and colors he’d never seen. 

"What color is your hair?"


"Your’e eyes?"

"Hmm, brown. Well, some say golden-brown or amber. I’ve been told ‘they are big and round like the sun’."

The sun. Killua knew the sun, somewhat. Warm is all the could think of to describe Gon. Warm and tall. Muscular, masculine. A bit messy and rough but still gentle.

"What color is your skin?"

"I’m tan. Brown. I’m darker than you." 

Killua leaned in closer to smell him noticing the earthy scent he gave off. Dirt, sweat, life. Gon remained perfectly still feeling Killua’s fingers run down the side of his arm, moving to his chest and abdomen. Gon was like a tree, Killua thought. He was born in nature, from nature, and lived very close to it. It was like he was one with the vast forest he’d grown up in. Killua remembered the vivid presence of the earth when Gon had taken him. 

"So you’re like the opposite of me."

Killua concluded not quite sure how he felt about that. There was an odd sense of loneliness that came with the knowledge. 

"I suppose but…" Gon took one of Killua’s hands and placed it on his chest. He spread his own hand on Killua’s feeling the two hearts beating almost in unison. "in the end we’re not all that different." 

Killua felt the drumming of Gon’s heart feeling his own pick up the pace. In the darkness behind his eyelids he could see the two glowing lights fluttering. After a few moments he slid his hand from under Gon’s to find his face. He felt up his cheek and nose and found his forehead before giving it a small flick.

"You cheesy bum." 

Gon laughed and pulled Killua in for a hug. Killua struggled half-heartedly to get away before giving up and wrapping his arms around Gon’s waist. They stayed like that until Killua felt the chill of the night creeping in. 

The world in his broken eyes was different to that of Gon’s. But even though his world was covered in shadows it had never been dark or lonely thanks to Gon. 

[[and yeah I suck at htis I”m sorry]

Every time I get a note it’s like someone is giving my soul a tiny hug. <3